Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2016 – My Volunteer Experience

Name: Destiny Mukes
From: Humble, Texas
Grade: 11
School: Summercreek HS
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Forward Scholarship

I am from Houston, Texas which is not a very bad place to grow up and has plenty of volunteering Opportunities for children around here . I have volunteered in multiple different places including Nursing homes , churches , elementary schools , and parks around my neighborhood . While volunteeringI had many different responsibilities depending on the different places I went. For example, while Volunteering at the nursing homes I feed them and we even got a chance to host a bingo game with them

This was very exciting it just brightened up my day to see the smiles on their faces to just be out of their Rooms and somewhere where they can actually enjoy themselves and be free. Which brings me to my Venture which was volunteering at the elementary schools, this was very exciting for me volunteering for Their field day which is an outdoor event where they all have different stations which all contain different Games.

All the kids were so excited and they all loved big with the “big kids “ and it made me feel good  to have so many people looking up to me to be an example for them . One of my biggest challenges being volunteer has to be the fact that the different places you go present different type of people at every venue and you have to adjust your character due to the people and hoping that they like me for being me has always been a big nerve racking challenge for me that I always have to get over every time I go and volunteer. Sometimes, it takes them a while to warm up to me and get comfortable but luckily for me they always do . My biggest satisfaction being a volunteer worker is always feeling like my job is complete and leaving a mark at each specific place so that they remember me and ask for me when they haven’t seen me a while . This just makes me happy knowing that I could at least leave a mark on at least one individual person’s life and my day is made . In my days of volunteering I have learned that bringing other people joy is much greater than bringing myself joy and I would like to thank god for giving me this gift that I can share with all types of different people .

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