Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2016 – My Volunteer Experience

Name: Galilea Gaytan
From: Laredo, Texas
Grade: 12
School: John B. Alexander High School
Votes: 141

Galilea Gaytan

September 30, 2016

Grade: 12

Volunteer Experience

Community service is an amazing experience that helps out many endangered souls around the city. There is always help needed from many non-funded events and organizations like animal shelters and homeless centers. I believe that helping others is essential for life and could help someone to become a better person.

            My effort and time on the weekends goes to my community service hours. I have volunteered at Bethany’s House, an organization where the homeless are given food. As a waiter, I ask them what drinks and food they would like to be given. Then, I take the food to their table and talk to them or play games. Moreover, I have given more than 100 canned beans, corn, vegetables and other foods to the Food Bank of Laredo. In Nuevo Laredo across the border, I have provided many boy and girl toys to the orphanage and schools in Mexico. They also accept clothing and accessory donations which I give weekly. I have also volunteered with the Animal Shelter of Laredo, where I take care of sick and unwanted pets from around the streets. Many mistreated dogs and cats need help with their injuries, therefore I always go and offer my service. I Also, I donated four bags of dog food and cat food, towels, and shampoo with treatment for ticks. In addition, I have donated blood more than 5 times, making it to the honors program of the South Texas Blood Donations.

One of my biggest inspirations on volunteering is my mother. She has always had a passion of helping others just like me. I have gained motivation and confidence from her hard work and intelligence. We both helped and have given away many of our belongings to the needed. Religion also comes in our way, by taking nuns to help us donate and care for the homeless. Also, we pick up girls from the streets and give them food, a shower, and new clothing.

After, we take them to the women center and leave them in good hands. Moreover, we have also attended to many fundraisers and hosted two races for autism awareness. For example, five kilometer races, food plates, and selling spirit shirts. Many people have been impacted by our offerings to the community in Laredo and Nuevo Laredo. Volunteering has always been our hobby on our off days.

Service offerings are also given to my most loved ones, which is to take care of my siblings, grandma, and my grandfather with Alzheimer’s. It is hard to take care of my grandfather since he is very sick and can’t remember much anymore. Sometimes I have to clean their house, get their groceries, and make them food. I put in as much effort and work
as I can for them to live happy in life. My grandparents are already old and need someone’s aid. At the end, I will always be there for them even if they don’t want my service.

Overall, community service will always be needed everywhere from nursing houses, to food banks, and much more. Many people can’t have the advantage that we have which is simply sad. People should start helping more in the nonprofit organizations and help save many lives out in the world. It is essential to serve the community near your house and be grateful with everything you have.

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