Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2016 – Never Let One determine your path

Name: Trey Morales
From: San Antonio , Texas
Grade: 11
School: William Howard Taft High school
Votes: 0

Chance in life  

   They do say that being determine takes sacrifice’s, for whatever the
case may be determination is what I believe, what build’s who I am
today. The word determine needs more explanation then just a
wikipedia definition it needs a life example.

My life went  under its transition when I was 8 years old ,The year
of 2008 my biological mother was under the influence at the age of 28
caught doing Heroin.As a child growing up you could never imagin the
person you Ecnolog most ,Trust most seen getting pulled away in to a
police vehicle .”That day I lost apart of me,the part of respect
and trust in Veronica Garcia the mother in my life at that
time”.Starting from that point on was a struggle for me in school
and out side.

Court after court ,I grew to hate the system of cps (child protective
services).Answer me this could you picture living in a house with no
idea of who the people are around you? I’ll give you a glimpse of
that feeling, It’s like the feeling of being watched.Also getting
stabbed in the gut, Reason behind that is theirs no one there to love
you and push you.Some may call that feeling being the “only person
on the Earth”.

2009 the year veronica fought for custody for  me to be in her
life.To still get the privillage to call me her son.Years passed
once again veronica maneged to get her self in to a diferrnet
trouble involving rohbory. Putting me back in the  same
situation in 2008 living in a shelter only difference I was
celebrating my “12 Birthday”. It’s a challenge being able
to keep moving forward but that’s just something that was in my
genetic code “ determination.

Education for me was always a downfall coming back to the facility with all F’s
on my report card.There was rumors said that I had no future with
education.”Dustin Garcia  you’re needed in the front of the
building”.My house sitter yelled ,”Hello there dustin i’m going
to be your case manager, today we got a call in concern of what they
could do to bring you into their life”.Mr. Beneto said.

Who called in concern for me ?”YOUR AUNT!!” he quoted. With
excitement I ask many questions. I felt alive again like there was
hope for me, light at the end of the tunnel.It felt like going under
water and not being able to breath intell you reatched the
surface.Weeks later in to this process my new Mommy Valerie Morales
adopted me during that time period my name was changed in papers and
every legel document about me “Trey Dustin Morales” my new
establishment of a new beging was this year 2013.

My mommy  showed me what it feels like to be pushed and to strive
for excellence in my  grades .And my dad the first father figure
to ever be in my life was a leader not only for his country but for
his family. Three years past i’m in the top of my class I have all
A’s . Becoming a student to the game of education. What some used
to call me a “ F** up in life”, ” Low life person”.

Determine that word has a strong meaning to it,for me only because of what it
meant to me as power to stay strong to keep moving. Thus remind
myself to never look back. It’s that exact feeling of what I
accomplished in 2008-2012 to keep me focused for college and my
high school career.Determine in fact does take a lot of giving up and
losing what’s best for me  in my case but because of that it
shaped who I am today a strong independent person and wize

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