Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2016 – One Step at a Time

Name: Susan Yu
From: Chicago, Il
Grade: 12th
School: DeVry University
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step at a time

As a child, I have dreamt of volunteering and trying to make this world
a better place. Now that I’m of age and I’m able to tackle
anything, one of my biggest strengths in life is volunteering. I’ve
been offered a great position at Shedd Aquarium in Chicago to help
explain the style of how animals should be more connected to the
world and how a difference can be made throughout years. This area
was most specified as guest interpretation and it allowed me to be
myself in making myself happy that I’m doing this to help impact
better lives on animals.

To begin with, I’ve been a volunteer for a bit over one and a half
year to fully establish myself inside a foundation like Shedd
Aquarium. The aquarium has allowed me to further my thoughts on how
animals shouldn’t be treated badly just because they’re living
and isolated in an Aquarium. Volunteering for over a year has given
me a chance to explore a lot of what I’d like to give back in this
world. Part of my volunteering requires me to learn and talk facts
about the aquatic animals itself. I engage with guest letting them
know fish isn’t just a fish, they’re an animal that’s worth
taking care of, not simply just buying and feeding them.

Following the things that are done within volunteering, I also have challenges
that goes through whenever I have time to volunteer. One of my very
biggest challenges that really crushes me would be that whenever I
interpret about one animal, I tend to look past the major important
animals that needs more attention rather than just one animal. The
life of an animal can expand as long as there’s someone caring for
it, however many abuse their animals and next thing that’s
realized, the animals are gone.

In addition to reasons why I choose to volunteer and the challenges that
happens throughout a course, I also have a load of satisfaction as a
volunteer. I realize that there’s still a lot of hope in this world
to make a difference in helping animals. At least for satisfaction,
people come over to where I stand in which they’re eager to learn
about the animal and saving their lives without any sort of

To sum up, from my volunteer position, I have learned that you do not
have to give back by cleaning up trash or running a mile to say that
you’ve volunteered. With the mind in doubt, volunteer in my
definition means helping to make a difference. My position has
allowed me to know that all animals deserves a life and none of them
should be fearing in danger.

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