Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2016 – One Step At A Time

Name: Madison Gallup
From: Murrieta, CA
Grade: Senior
School: Vista Murrieta High School
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Step At A Time

Recently I have volunteered at a children’s summer camp where they build
machines and complete art projects all day, this camp was called Camp
Invention. I volunteered at this camp because I love to be around
little kids and to see them have fun and create stuff everyday just
made my heart feel complete. I volunteered every day for a week, with
nine hours per day. My job was to be a camp counselor to them and to
help them with their projects, resolve disputes, and help their
creativity flow. I also had to organize daily activities, like PE, to
where the children were having fun in a safe controlled environment.
Being a camp counselor taught me how to be a role model, and a leader
to those who look up to me. I didn’t realize the importance of
community service until the first day I volunteered. It started with
me going to just get my community service hours checked off for high
school, but after one day I knew that I wanted to continue going
summer after summer. The happiness and joy I saw the children have
during their fun activities or when they were inventing something
from scratch made me think about the importance of life. Life isn’t
about what you go through and how full you live your own life, but
it’s about how many other lives you touch and help during their
lifetime. The biggest challenge that I faced was keeping me in check.
I always had to make sure that I was a positive role model for the
children and that if they looked up to me they wouldn’t start going
down a dark path. I am not a perfect human being, I have a lot of
flaws, but for the sake of the children I had to try my hardest to
hide any flaws that could impact them. This volunteer work correlated
partly with the career I want to go into in my future. I want to be a
social worker who focuses on foster care, child abuse prevention, and
adoption. I want to spend the rest of my life helping children grow
up with good families and not let them get abandoned. I volunteered
so I could start my goal of helping children in the camp. I wanted to
let them have the best summer of their lives and my main goal was to
just see them smile. If I was to come back in thirty or so years my
volunteer work currently might seem minor if my future plays out the
way I want it to. I don’t know if I’ll ever seen any of those
children again, after the camp was shut down due to our sponsor not
being able to fund us anymore, but I wish that I helped make an
impact in their life, and that they will look back at those two
summers and remember all the fun they had.

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