Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2016 – Service

Name: Nathan Schulte
From: Taylor, Michigan
Grade: 12
School: Cabrini High School
Votes: 0

Community Service is voluntary work given to help those in need by
those who have everything they need. I have experienced all new
sights and views during my years of community service. Helping those
in need means something special to me, that I can help someone just
by offering a little bit of my time. Even the aspect of offering my
time was never an issue when I signed up or found community service.
The only issues or challenge in the community service that I preform
was that it is new and unknown to me. I have transplanted or
harvested any plant before, or I have never been able to spend time
with special needs people long enough to fully get to know them or
understand them. The thought of seeing people suffer, who feel on
hard times or made a mistake, never sat right with me, it always
bothered me, so I decided I was going to make a difference. I decided
that community service was an important to me so I can make my
community better and make those who were suffering have just a better
life or even a better day.

One community service I have done even summer since sophomore year was
attend a week-long community service trip, during the summer, all
over the US called Young Neighbors In Action. I first found out about
this community opportunity through my youth group at Cabrini. My
first trip was to Buffalo, New York where I worked for an
organization called Community Action Organization. Through this
organization’s plan was to grow crops and sell them at a lowered
price so those in finical struggles could afford them and have food
for their families. My group and I planted, transplanted, packaged,
and sold their crops at the farmer’s market, which caught them up
on six months of work they had become behind on. Catching them up on
six months of work was just another good that came out of this
community service. My next trip was to Chicago, Illinois where I work
for Misericordia, a community for those with disabilities. They had
work stations that included bakery’s, classrooms, offices, garden,
and other stimulating work environments all around their campus along
with living areas for a few of the workers where they could make
money off the work they performed by the level of their abilities. I
worked side-by-side with them and got to make the laugh and smile
while helping Misericordia catch up on work or allow them to complete
other tasks. This community service is only one of the many I do, and
I am looking forward to the community service will be involved in to
make MSU’s community better.

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