Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2016 – Shaping Your Child’s Future

Name: Theresa Danielle Murray
From: Brandon, Mississippi
Grade: High School Junior
School: Northwest Rankin High School
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I have chosen to volunteer in child services. I have chosen to
volunteer in this area because I love to see young children grow and
learn. I also like to teach these children and shaping their thoughts
as children. I would say that I volunteer for two hours a week. I try
to volunteer every Sunday during any given month. As a volunteer, my
coordinator expects me to always be on my best game around the
children. I have to watch the children to make sure that nothing bad
happens, as well as keeping them entertained. My favorite part though
is teaching the toddler the lesson every week. The lesson is usually
a simpler version of a bible lesson. Because I am in theater, I feel
that when I tell the lesson, I really try to through myself into the
story, making extravagant gestures and changing my voice to fit a
situation for character. Having this quality allows me to be able to
keep the children’s attention for a long amount of time.

I would say that the hardest part of volunteering with these children
on Sunday is keeping my eyes on everyone and trying to keep everyone
occupied during the class. I am usually only focused on watching a
couple of kids at a time, but I need to learn to be aware of everyone
in the room. Getting to see these children continue to grow and learn
both inside and outside of my class. I love getting to see them as
they get older and seeing the lessons that I have taught them being
shown in their lives. I would say that I have learned how to be a
more responsible person as well as how to live up to the standards
that others have for me.

Forward looking to me means thinking about how something you are
doing will effect you in the future. I would say that these
activities will help me have some background experience when I start
my own family. I hope to shape the ideas that these children have and
to help them embrace their true personalities. Yes they are young and
probably will not remember me when they get older, but their
childhood is very crucial to how they live the rest of their life and
I want to encourage them in any way that I can. I feel that decades
later my volunteer activities would have made a difference in these
children’s lives.

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