Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2016 – The Revitalization of Nation

Name: Mikin Patel
From: West Sacramento, CA
Grade: 12
School: River City High School
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October 2016

There are organizations around the world that aid misfortunate people who
cannot afford the simple necessities of life. Donations are received
by these organizations such as the UNICEF and Oxfam America. People
are impacted by many conditions that result such as natural
disasters, lack of education, or employment. When it comes to human
nature, every human is selfish and greedy in some way. Luxury is
taken advantage of almost all the time by humans and fairness is
rarely looked at. People should contribute to a noble cause, which is
to support others who are suffering from the rough sides of life by
giving away money that could be used to indulge themselves.
Considering this to be ideal in the fight against world poverty,
therefore rich people should share their wealth to charitable
organizations rather than taking advantage of it through leisure and

Although there are many pros and cons, the human nature is not all terrible.
Helping those who do not have shelter or edible food is exemplifies a
sense of fairness and equality. The United States has a history of
assisting poverty stricken countries in the past and even going as
far as supporting the people of the respective countries financially.
Countries have borrowed large sums of money from the United States to
help stabilize their own economy and reduce the level of poverty.
This is because the United States swore off to be sole protectorate
of the world back during the Franklin D. Roosevelt administration.
There are people in the world who have a passion to aid and support
others. This accomplishment leaves a feeling of happiness and
satisfactory in a person. Without such urgency to end the level of
poverty as it is, the world would be in a chaos in which it would be
exceedingly tough to recover from.

Although encouragement for people to share their wealth is in fact an
optimistic act that pushes people to be less selfish however, it is
also a crucial opportunity for individuals to remind themselves to be
generous and to establish a sense of justice in the name of the human
race. Local churches, and youth groups are known to attract people of
all ages in volunteering and taking part in other honorable
undertaking. The work put into making an influence in someone’s
life symbolizes the values that are very crucial. Making a positive
influence sets deprived people for a glowing future.

The effort that is shown at community projects represents the progress of
people becoming less selfish, and more grateful. Overall, the
community focus shifts in a different direction. Individuals begin to
embody the principles of someone as Mother Theresa than someone as
horrendous as Kim Kardashian. Offering food and clothes to the
improvised can go a long way in providing hope.

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