Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2016 – There’s Still Hope

Name: paula hughes
From: dallas, tx
Grade: 12th
School: grady spuce high school
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Paula Hughes

Community service is a key to open doors and unknown possibilities. I spent my time working and mentoring kids to giving a helping hand at animal shelters. February 2016, I worked with kids because they are our future and being a positive role model in their lives or part of their life is key goal. It was pleasant to see all these personalities and traits in one place and even helped me discover so much about myself in the process. It was like they were helping me more than it was me helping
them. My duties were to help them with homework, play games such as hide and seek, do arts and crafts, or just simply reading a book or the bible to them. It was like being an older sister to me and I enjoyed every minute and second of it.

Then, I spent my weekends since August 2016 for 4 hours each Saturday working at animal shelter because I wanted to be a vet and animals are like humans. I had dealt with dogs, cats, birds, such as cockatoos, and even kittens. My duties were to take out all the animals individually and feed, play, and even train them. I also gave them affection, attention, and the
basic needs. Some of them were timid and shy but after awhile I realized they were hyper and playful individuals that just needed a little poke or push.

The only struggles I dealt with were some children were hard headed, but at end the day I was able to learn why he or she acted the way they did. I even came to find out that some went through family problems and struggles and still managed to stay positive, so everyday I came back I had a smile and focused on the goods versus the bad because you’ll never know
what someone is going through. I found some their parents were getting divorced or that parents couldn’t afford certain aspects. This caused me sometimes to give them gifts and to see the bigger picture that we all need someone and that the voices that are silenced whether human or animal need a voice or help.

The other had to deal with animals that were abused or had fleas, yet they still loved and played a lot like as if it never happened. Their ability to still love after all been through showed me even animals can be courageous and more human than we give them credit for. They’re the same ones who stick next to us when all fails or everyone leaves. Usually they
are also same ones who suffer due to someone’s anger or carelessness. They communicate without words, yet we still understand them somehow whether it be with affection or some type of mental connection. In the end, animals are our companions and never fail to leave us or betray and are on same level as any person you talk to or see everyday.

Community service helped me want be a civil engineer and to help build places for children, dogs, or even anyone going through a struggle in life. I know that a lot of people have applied for this scholarship but I believe what sets me apart is my goal to instead use my skills to make organizations to help and not make money off of. Therefore, I want to have the ability
to do things for the greater good because we all struggle and need places to go, whether it is a friend or a safe haven. Regardless, we want to belong to someone or something whether it be an organization or even a building with those who have same interest or struggles; therefore, I want to be that person to do that, so we can be so much closer or a melting pot.

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