Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2016 – Volunteer From the Heart

Name: Jasneet Singh
From: Elk grove , CA
Grade: 11
School: Sheldon High School
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from the Heart

            Volunteering is something that you should want to do out of the kindness of your own heart. Volunteering should not be done as a requirement because then those who are volunteering will not be doing a good job at what they are doing. I have volunteered for multiple things throughout my life. I volunteer at least for 30 hours a school year. I help tutor students, clean classrooms, and help teachers grade things. However the most difficult thing I have volunteered for is serving food at my local Sikh Temple.

This is a hard task because you must keep the line moving in order to give everyone food. As well as most people do not like the same thing so you must give them exactly what they want which causes you to multitask a lot. Furthermore if you run out of a specific food item it was my job to help bring more food back to the serving area to help make sure everyone is getting what they want. Even though this was a hard volunteer position it is also one of the most rewarding.

It is rewarding because everyone is thanking you for the food and as well they have much more respect for me because I am doing this volunteer position. Another reason why this volunteer position is so rewarding is because you get to help feed people that you know and love.

Along with being rewarded there is also a lot of things that I learned throughout this volunteer position. I learned how to multitask much better, help better understand my culture and how the food is made, and I also learned how to work through adversity by having people constantly telling you what they want and delivery what they want in a good fashion.

In conclusion volunteering is a great opportunity to help your community around you. It also helps you become a much more social person and helps builds your communicational skills. In addition, volunteering also helps you make connections with people you may not know and could help you in the future with your potential career. Lastly, without volunteering communities would not be as safe or friendly which would ultimately be a hindrance to society.  

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