Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2016 – Volunteer Work

Name: Gregory Devon Griffin III
From: Albany, Georgia
Grade: 2016
School: Albany State
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Since my freshman year of high school, I volunteered in helping the homeless get off the streets. The association I join was called Needs of Clayton County. We would help the homeless by giving them food and clothes. I would work five hours a week which I would either cook or pass out food the homeless. It was free labor but it benefitted the community.

The cooking was difficult for me because I was never good at cooking but I got better as time went. I didn’t have hard time doing anything else because I’ve done them plenty of time before I joined the association. I would complete the task every time I volunteered. I also saw that doing this would help me from being lazy.

But knowing that I was helping others who couldn’t support their selves made me happy. I was taught that help others who couldn’t help themselves. So, when I saw the opportunity to help I sign up. Even though I didn’t know the task it wasn’t going to bother me.

            The world can be a better place if everybody can help the homeless get off the streets and can support themselves. If we can get all the homeless off the streets our communities will become cleaner and safer. The economy would rise and the city will be able to bring in more money because there be more jobs.

            When I come back to my city years from now I’ll see a difference. I believe that helping the homeless get off the street will have my city a better place when I come back years from now. That ill able to say I made a difference in my community. Because if we didn’t do this there wouldn’t be any change in the homeless in the community. That the association I’m apart of is first step in

healing my neighborhood.

            I learned from being part of “Needs of Clayton County” was that no matter who or what done in life that you’ll need help in life. I learned that a group of people can change a neighborhood from being dirty to a place people want to live. That hard work always pay off. Helping the homeless we could get those jobs. They could take care of themselves by the end of the program. I also learn that every
homeless person have a different story.

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