Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2016 – Volunteer

Name: Sherianna Johnson
From: Atlanta, GA
Grade: Freshman
School: Clark Atlanta University
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When I came to college in thought I was done with doing community service. When I was in high school I had to do 52 hours to graduate. That could be 52 hours I spend at my job making money, having fun, or just plain sleeping. It seemed like it would be a big waste of my time.

I did my community service hours at the Phenix City Public Library. I have a love for reading, so I figure it would be fun and great.

In many ways, I was correct. I assisted in cleaning up, putting books on the shelf, and helping people read. I would go
after school was over.

Another community service I did was my freshman year in college, where we feed the homeless in downtown Atlanta. It was amazing to help give them a meal, and keep them around longer. I learned not everybody has food to eat or a home to stay in.

By helping others, I have grown as a person. I feel honored that I have played a part in shaping lives. Initially, I was thinking about my needs and my wants; now I see that I can really make a difference in other people’s lives. It’s important that we all give back to others and not focus only on ourselves. Volunteering has had a positive influence on me.
My only regret is that I hadn’t started sooner. I would have been able to devote more time to helping and teaching these young minds.

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