Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2016 – Volunteering

Name: Madisyn Goaneh
From: Clarksburg, Maryland
Grade: 11th
School: Tuscarora High School
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I chose to volunteer at the Edenton Retirement Center. I chose this
field because I already had prior experience of taking care of my
grandmother with her daily tasks when she was struggling with cancer.
I always felt a need to help someone out, no matter the age. I
volunteered every Wednesday at 3pm to 4pm (sometimes I stayed till
6pm) from August to June, in 2015. My job at Edenton were to
entertain the elderly with card games, bingo, read riddles, and any
other games that will jog their memory since most of the residents
who lived there has dementia. Sometimes we’d go on walks around the
area or sit outside and look at the view. In my opinion I never had a
challenge at Edenton. The residents and the employees were really
nice and respectful.

The thing I cherished the most at Edenton was when the residents would
smile at me and look so grateful. It made me so happy when I made
them smile. I’m not the most talkative person, I’m more of a
listener, I always enjoyed the stories they told of when they were
younger. One of them used to own and fly a plane! I learned at
Edenton to cherish every moment, and spend time with your loved ones.
When I went to go volunteer, no family would come in to visit and the
visitor sign in was mostly blank, it sadden me deeply and it must’ve
hurt the residents even more. Looking into the future, I think my
activities will really benefit me and bring me forward. When I think
of “Forward-looking” I think of improvement. Volunteering really
improved my patience and that’s something I’d like to improve
more over the years. In college I want to become an R.A and help out
my fellow peers anyway I can. I want to inspire them to better things
in life, maybe even change them. I really hope my volunteering
activities would make a difference in 10-30 years. Some people look
at the Elderly and assume they are just old rude people who complain
a lot, yes you may find them somewhere but not all of them are like
that. I want people to not judge a book by its cover and take the
time to work with their loved ones or even volunteer like me.

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