Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2016 – Volunteering as a Tutor

Name: Hannah Denton
From: North Port, Florida
Grade: 11
School: North Port High School
Votes: 109

The children that I was tutoring encouraged me to do the volunteer work. I enjoyed watching their minds grow and expand and fill with new knowledge. The program had already been in place for a number of years, but I got involved after seeing an advertisement at my high school. I love school and working with children, so I believed this was a perfect opportunity for me. This school program was established in order to ensure that as many students achieved academic success as possible. It was designed to help third, fourth, and fifth grade students who were falling behind in either math or reading. This is important because every child deserves the opportunity to better their education.

When volunteering, I would perform a multitude of activities. First, I would monitor the students just to ensure that they were on task. Then I would assist them in any way that I could with their online learning program. I was also sometimes put in charge of running educational games that we would do once a week. Lastly, I would assist the students with their weekly group projects to make sure that they fully understood the purpose of the activity. The most difficult part of my day was dealing with stubborn students who did not understand why they had to do “extra school.” I consistently tried to open their eyes and show them how important their education is.

This program allowed many students to pass their current grades and prepare for the next school year. All students benefited from the program, and there were more than 60 students involved. This program will continue to improve the educations of elementary school students for a very long time.

I learned new and effective ways of teaching younger children that will aid me in future years as a pediatric nurse. The most memorable part of my volunteering experience was walking into the school and seeing all of their little faces light up. They may have not realized the impact I had on their lives, but I know that I encouraged some of them to do their best in and outside of school allowing them to be more successful than without the program. This program is definitely “looking forward” to the success of the students.

This type of volunteer work continues to make a difference everywhere by adding to the knowledge in young minds. If I were to come back ten or more years later, I think that I would find that most of the children that I helped succeeded in graduating high school and college, which they might not have done with a little extra help. I would encourage anyone who enjoys working with children to take up tutoring. It might be difficult, but it is very rewarding.

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