Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2016 – Volunteering at Church

Name: Chayse Baker
From: North Las Vegas, Nevada
Grade: 11th Grade
School: Rancho High School
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at Church

Having two younger siblings has inspired my work ethics and inspired the
person who I am today. Although it is tough growing up being the
older of two brothers, it certainly has its rewards. It has helped me
work well with children and be able to understand the true meaning of
patience. They made me view life from a whole new perspective and
inspired me to volunteer in my spare time to help others. Having two
little brothers motivated me to work with other children at my church
and have the opportunity to teach at a class of Vacation Bible

I chose to volunteer at my church for Vacation Bible School because I
enjoy feeling a connection with God and appreciate working with kids.
It is amazing to see what some of the youngsters’ minds have to
offer and I feel that I can learn almost just as much from kids as
from adults. I volunteered for a total of 18 hours this past summer
and I am looking forward to volunteering again next summer. I was
responsible for a being a group leader, meaning I had to look after a
group of kids, and ensured that each child was remained safe and that
they were staying engaged in each lesson. Although I did enjoy
working with these kids, I found it challenging to get every child to
focus and listen for long periods of time. It was difficult to keep
their attention during a dull lesson and even more difficult to keep
them in one place. I did, however, have satisfaction when I heard
that the kids were more interested in God by the end of the class. It
overall taught me how to be patient and how to never give up on
someone, no matter how hard it may be.

I see the phrase “forward looking” as what I may want to do with my
life and how I want to make an impact on the world in my future. I
see my volunteering activities as a prolonging action, meaning that I
see myself doing it very often in the future. In this case,
volunteering with youngsters has inspired me to take on a career that
may have to deal with children. Through this volunteer work, I found
out that I am able to work with kids much easier than most people and
that I am able to remain patient for a relatively long period of
time. Not only that, but if I were to come back in a decade or two
and see if my actions made a difference, I believe that it would
have. I believe that I could have sparked a fire into a few kids that
could maybe inspire them to have a closer connection with God. I
would also encourage anyone to maybe step out of their comfort zone
and attempt in trying new activities, whether it is volunteering or
going to church.

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