Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2016 – volunteering in The American Society

Name: islam aljebori
From: dearborn, mi
Grade: 12
School: dearborn high school
Votes: 49

Volunteering In The American

Volunteering is when you freely offer to do something or to help out of the kindness of your heart. It is our duty to do something to contribute to our society and the best way is volunteering. I personally have chosen to volunteer with the youth of my community and also plan on working with hospitals and clinics to contribute and help give others who can’t afford medical treatment the opportunity to receive the treatment they need/deserve. My duties were to help out students who have trouble in school. I help them keep focused and make sure they know that their education is the most important. I also volunteer in community programs/events such as Arab American community service day. I have gone to abandoned parts of Detroit and helped clean up tore down houses that have been left behind in hopes of the community blooming back into a place we all once knew as a safe home.

There is always a challenge in everything no matter what you do. There are challenges faced in everyday life and challenges also faced during volunteering. My biggest challenge at first was learning how to communicate with such young students in a way where I could help them relate more to me. I tried having them see me as a friend rather an older person to help have them open up to me to be able to figure out a way to help.

Every child communicates and thinks differently and the biggest challenge was learning that I had to figure out how to reach these young kids individually and how to bring it all together once they were back to being a group. Another challenge was also trying to keep the boundary between being their friend and being an adult/someone they were supposed to listen to. But, thankfully I figured it all out and was able to overcome the challenges. Which i believe is the most important thing after all.

Within all the hard work, it all pays off at the end. Feeling the satisfaction of helping others is just the best feeling. Seeing how happy the children would be when I come in the doors would just make my day. Also when they see me again the next school year and they remember me, it just shows how much of an impact I’ve made on them and how they have not forgotten. It is truly a blessing to be able to feel the satisfaction I do just by doing something I love.

As being a volunteer, I have learned many things. Things like life is not all about the money. Just the feeling and satisfaction I get from knowing I am helping is worth more than anyone could ever pay me.

All in all, I enjoy contributing to the American Society and I hope to be included in more opportunities and be able to help my community in every way I possibly can.

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