Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2016 – Volunteering in the community

Name: Anthony Jurado
From: Sioux City, Iowa
Grade: Junior
School: North High School
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October 2016

Volunteering To Make a Difference

Volunteering can help make a change for no matter what you volunteer for. I like it because it makes me feel good for what I’m about to do. There two things I volunteer for and I enjoy doing those things. I had to do sixty hours of community service for my confirmation class for church. I also volunteer to help out a group of 8th graders for wrestling. I enjoy doing those things because I’m helping others.

One of my volunteer works I volunteered at was my church. It first started as my community hours. I had to do community hours at the Cathedral of Epiphany for my conformation class, I chose to do my hours there because I like helping a lot around the church to make it look nice. For my community hours I needed 60 hours total, after completing those hours I kept coming back to just help out because I enjoyed helping out and I wanted to help out the church. I helped
clean inside and do yard work around the church and the neighborhood it was in. When I was at church I had no challenges while I was doing my community hours. Helping clean up the community makes it look better. Volunteering not only helps you, but it helps others in what they need to get done that they can’t do.

Since I started out wrestling in 8th grade, practicing every day has helped me. So I want to see how other kids see wrestling. I help out with the 8th grade wrestling program because I enjoy wrestling and I want to see other kids succeed. For 8th grade wrestling, I come to practice Tuesday through Friday for about two hours. For wrestling, I just help them understand what they’re supposed to do and teach them what they don’t know. A challenge for me during wrestling was
I had to constantly repeat the moves until they got it figured out. By me helping the kids trying to get better makes them feel like I want them to succeed. One day the 8th graders may be in my shoes trying to help others trying to get better.

Volunteering has helped me see that it can make a difference. It’s not in align with my career, I just like doing yard work right now, and I enjoy doing outdoors work right now because I’m out in the open. I’d like to be a coach for wrestling someday. Many kids playing outside see me doing outside work, one day I hope they end up doing the same thing as I do. I see “forward looking” as in a few years from now. I hope to see a lot of other people volunteering. I think it would, because confirmation hours is required to pass the class, but it’s not about the class it’s how much you enjoy doing it and how
much you do.

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