Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2016 – Volunteering IS my career goal

Name: Amalia Chaparro Holguin
From: Phoenix, AZ
Grade: Senior
School: Arizona State University
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I wouldn’t be able to give an exact number of total hours I have
volunteered, seeing as I’ve been volunteering for eleven years now.
That’s enough time to realize how much volunteering really has and
does play a great part in my life. Being at the same job can get
boring, maybe you wish to see more of the world, but with
volunteering, you can keep it new and exciting. From cleaning up
parks, to street clean ups, to girl scouts, to walkathons, collecting
and wrapping presents for elementary school students, being a camp
counselor, being a staff counselor, presenting on college pathways,
being a mentor, packing food boxes, hiding Easter eggs, tutoring in
English while abroad, and so much more. Each has been an opportunity
to serve my communities in different ways. They have also served as
ways to see culture and the many different services that
organizations and individuals have to offer.

Looking at what I have been able to offer, I found that my heart
geared more towards working with students, and that’s the direction
I plan to head in post-graduation. In working with students, I was
able to see why being responsible and open minded makes a difference.
I also learned to understand a bit more of our youth and how patience
makes a difference. Looking back to my kid days, it was slightly easy
to go onto the next parts of my life with forward looking.
Volunteering was fun and brought opportunities of connections. It was
also what I was good at, simply helping. It’s important that our
youth today see how much this may make a difference for them. We
really never know who we are going to impact, and if it wasn’t for
countless conversations over the years, some volunteer opportunities
may have never happened.

When it comes to change in the world, that’s a huge goal. Many of
us want the world to change, hoping that everyone, one day, simply
acts with kindness and service. However, there’s more we can do
than try to change the whole world. We can work with individual after
individual. Perhaps, we as individual volunteers can make a
difference in one person’s life in whatever work we do. I can think
back to conversations with high school students that made a
difference for applying for a scholarship. Then thinking to a
conversation of a girl who was having a hard time in school. There’s
a lot of little things that make a difference and the more
volunteers, the more work and influence being done to affect people
near us.

My career goals are definitely in alignment with the focus of
volunteering I have had since middle school. I hope to one day work
in Youth Development with Peace Corps. When volunteering has always
been your favorite school activity, it makes sense to make it your
career goal.

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