Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2016 – Volunteering Through My Cultural Community

Name: Aisha Nakrani
From: Murrieta, California
Grade: 11th
School: Vista Murrieta High School
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Murrieta High School



Through my Cultural Community

Throughout my years of high school I was able to volunteer for an organization
that involved planning Asian Indian cultural events. The organization
is called Gujarati Association of San Diego and I was able to be a
youth committee member for this group. Through this organization I
was able to learn many things about my culture that I didn’t know
about. I chose this organization because I wanted to volunteer for a
group for something that I was passionate about which is my culture.

While being a part of this group I worked a total of two hundred hours and
volunteered about three times a week planning events and festivals.
Planning these festivals was a huge accomplishment that my family and
I were proud of because I was able to get out of my comfort zone and
do something that I wasn’t very comfortable doing before. One of
the events I was able to organize was a Diwali Cultural show where I
was able to be the host and help back stage with all of the costume
changes. In this show people were able to perform anything that they
desired about India. While working for this organization my
responsibilities were coming to every meeting and also being able to
lead every event that the organization offered. However, my biggest
responsibility was making sure that everyone enjoyed the events and
left with a smile on their face so that they would come back every
year excited to participate and watch all of the festivals and
events. The biggest challenge for me that took place while I
volunteered was being able to manage my school work and going to
every event. Being able to hear all those phrases that people gave
after every event was the biggest satisfaction that I had. Something
that I learned from my volunteer position was that being shy is okay
because there are leaders that are introverted.

In the future I would like more high school teenagers to be able to
volunteer about something that they are passionate about and also
would like to see people learn things about the background that they
come from. I believe that in the future my volunteer activity would
have been able to make a different because I think that the
organization will be a lot stronger because they will be trained by
other committee members that were a part of the group. In the future
I would also like to see this organization welcome other people from
outside of the Indian community and grow worldwide. This organization
has shown me the true meaning of what a leader is and because of this
organization I was able to do many things that I probably wouldn’t
have been able to do a few years back.

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