Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2016 – Volunteerism

Name: Jasneet Singh
From: Elk Grove , CA
Grade: 11
School: Sheldon High School
Votes: 0




a Car Project

are many positives and negatives of a new car. The positives are that
it is a brand new car with no mileage on it. It will also be in good
condition for a very long time because it is a brand new car. You can
also customize the car to your liking, with a old car you can not
change it. The newer the car that you have the more technology you
will have. However the newer the car you have to pay more for
insurance. With the new car you also have more safety features than
other cars. New cars are more efficient with gas and produce less
pollution. Lastly new cars include free maintenance so you can have
the car be clean.

is a difference between buying a new car and buying an old car. The
old car costs less than the new car. With a used car you get to avoid
the new car fees. If you buy an old car, you can buy a lot more
variety of cars. You can buy any make or model. You also get to save
money on old sales tax. You don’t have to worry about registration
because you have lower registration fees. Lastly the difference
between the old car and the new car is how much you really want to
pay for the fees of the new car compared to the car.

leased car is very different from both the new car and the old car. A
lease car has many restrictions. You can only drive a specific amount
of miles a month. However the monthly payments are very low and
affordable. They have low repairs cost for leasing a car. You can not
customize the car the way you want. You must maintain the vehicle in
good condition or you must pay wear and tear fees. You also need to
worry about getting out of your lease before it retires. You can also
only drive a specific amount of miles. Lastly, if you want to drive
your car a lot then you should not lease a car.

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