Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2016 – Volunteerism

Name: Allyssa Fenslau
From: Lapeer, Michigan
Grade: 11
School: Lapeer High School
Votes: 0


As a member of National Honor Society, I volunteer to help my community through tutoring. As a tutor I must have patience in order to lead the kids to success. The students in which I tutor look at me as leader, and they trust what I have to say. Not only do I have to teach the kids, but I must be a role model. Being a role model means presenting positive attitudes, behaviors, and values at all times. My goal is to be admired by the kids, and I want them to look at me as an example of who they want to be in their future.

Peer-resistance is a group of students who perform skits to many schools in order to sway kids to be abstinent, as well as to stay away from drugs and alcohol. Many kids fall under peer pressure. Peer pressure is influence on an individual who gets encouraged to follow others by changing their attitudes and values to conform to those of the influencing group. I am also a leader as well as a role model in this club because I am showing the kids that I am true to what i teach. I encourage them to follow in my footsteps as they get faced with these challenging decisions. Peer-resistance has also helped my speaking skills as

I now feel very confident when I speak in front of large groups of people or people that I have never met. Peer-resistance has also
helped my everyday skills, skills that I will use in my future as I carry out my career goals.

I volunteer in a gymnastics gym coaching young kids, and I absolutely love it. They look at me as their greatest role model and they always tell me that one day they want to be like me. Hearing that from such young and caring children is the one of the best feelings ever. Being able to see them grow as gymnasts and make progress each and every day that they are in class is rewarding because I can see the positive impact that I have on them. Leading class is sometimes difficult, but has helped me learn how to overcome daily challenges. The young children get very distracted very easily and I had to learn how to deal with these distractions. This job comes with great patience and many new valuable life skills.

Forward-looking” means always look towards your future and strive towards your ultimate goals in life. The decisions that you make and actions that you take today will affect your every-day life many years from now. My activities are “forward-looking” because I am not only improving my life and accomplishing my goals but I am also helping other people do the same.

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