Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2016 – Warriors Helping Warriors

Name: Seth Hugg
From: Columbus, NJ
Grade: 11th Grade
School: Homeschool
Votes: 0

           For my Eagle Scout Service Project, I constructed a sanctuary garden for the Brian
Conley Veterans Resiliency Center in Middletown, Delaware. The garden
serves as a peaceful place for the veterans that make use of the
Center’s resources to rest, meditate, or pray. I led the project
from its earliest planning stages through to the completion of the

I reached out to Warriors Helping Warriors to ask if there was anything
that they would need help with for the Resiliency Center. The
Resiliency Center does good work in fighting homelessness and PTSD in
the veteran community, and I wanted to help. I decided with the
person that I met that a sanctuary garden would be most beneficial to
the veterans that use the Center.

I visited the site and completed a detailed plan for the garden. I
reached out to local businesses to solicit donations. I was able to
gather all of the required materials from donations.

On the day of the project, I managed the site. I distributed tools,
assigned tasks, managed schedules, and directed the other volunteers
in addition to helping with the hard labor. By the end of the day,
myself and the other volunteers had dug out a 1,000 square foot area
for the garden, cut and laid the landscaping fabric, laid bricks
around the edge of the garden, laid the mulch, dug holes for the
plants, planted the plants, and installed fixtures. In total, the
project took approximately 100 hours.

This project has taught me how to be a better and more effective leader by
delegating tasks, communicating with other people professionally, and
taking initiative. I faced many challenges along the way. Scheduling
the project under the time constraints that I faced, while also
respecting the availability of the other volunteers, and leaving
enough time for the planning and preparation of the project, proved
to be one of the largest challenges. I had to make extensive use of
time management and communication skills in order to overcome this

This project is forward looking because it is something that will reap
benefits in both the short term and the long term. The garden will
continue to grow and develop and help the veterans at the Resiliency
Center and the community as a whole for many years to come. I hope
that in the more distant future, the garden will have helped the
community and helped the Resiliency Center and Warriors Helping
Warriors to help the homeless and mentally ill or impaired veterans
of Delaware.

The garden will contribute to the community by making the Resiliency
Center a more beautiful place that can better serve the veterans of
the area. According to the National Coalition to End Homelessness,
there are approximately 50,000 homeless veterans in the United
States, and 22 veterans take their lives every day. Resources like
those provided by the Resiliency Center and its garden help to make
these numbers smaller.


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