Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2016 – What I Do

Name: Hana Fawaz
From: Dearborn Heights, Michigan
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Since my sophomore year in high school, I had an urge to help people. I started helping people by going to homeless shelter in Downtown Detroit. At first, my parents were really nervous about me being a young girl going into downtown with people I do not know. But I convinced them and I was so happy I did. I started going on weekends, and just helping out with
food passing out and getting them clothing to wear. I then began to save up my allowance from my parents and put it in a jar. At the end of every month I’d take that money, doesn’t matter how much it was, and take it to the shelter. They used it to buy them more food, and blankets to sleep in the cold with. Volunteering made me realize that there is more to life than material goods and we should acknowledge the less fortunate and help in anyway that we can.

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