Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2016 – Why its fruity and eye catching!

Name: Emily Li
From: Rockledge, Florida
Grade: 11th grade
School: viera high school
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Forward Scholarship 2016

            Volunteering is the fruit of your college applications, it makes your transcripts all the more eye catching! I am Emily Li, and I have been volunteering since the summer of my eighth grade year. I first came upon this idea to complete my volunteer hours because I have applied for the Business and Finance Academy in Viera high school, which requires
volunteer hours. Also the possibility of winning a Bright Futures Scholarship was very appealing to me. I chose the Brevard Government Natural Resources Office as my volunteer area, because my father and I were looking for volunteer places and it was that or pulling weeds somewhere.

The first year I worked only for four hours every weekday, I worked under an amazing woman who goes around to visit libraries to teach the kids there about storm water. She makes learning about storm water runoff fun, by having games, crafts, and yummy treats. Not only does she talk about storm water runoff and the hazards it causes she informs the kids about the insects effected by it. I am so grateful that she was my boss, I enjoyed making the crafts and the snack bags for the kids. The next year of my volunteering at the Government Center I found out sadly that the lady who was my mentor before has retired. Fortunately, a friend of my previous boss was in need of an extra pair of hands and I now work under her. I work the same number of hours and every week day of the summer of my freshman year. She was very nice to me and I do a lot more office work. Such as coping papers, filing, inserting documents into the database and scanning
the papers.

When I am at my volunteer job, I have no work that I could not or would not do. All of the work assigned to me is fun, so I would do the work and pretend that I am actually a hired worker there. The worker’s that do work there are warm and welcoming, always greeting me and asking how I’m doing. So I feel as if I am part of the team, which makes coming to work so much more exciting. I have my own office space that I share with the other volunteers and I would be back there with boxes of papers to be prepped for scanning. My biggest satisfaction of being a volunteer there was that I love doing
that kind of work, I like being able to complete tasks quickly and efficiently. I learned so much from the work assigned to me and I am positive that I will put the experience I have obtained into good use in my future job. If I were to look back in ten years I would definitely say that my volunteer job made a difference, it gave me good work ethics, social interaction experience, and knowledge about the office work.

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