Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2016 – Youth Foward

Name: Alexsis Lowe
From: Detroit, Michigan
Grade: 11th grade
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Volunteering is the representation of your true inner-man. Behind the doppelganger or clone others see us as, it’s just a front. Everyone has a front, even if you are honest. Everywhere you go, you have to act and conduct in a certain way. The saying, “there’s a time and place for everything” is a prime example of acting in a certain way. School, in the public eye, jobs, and special occasions are specific examples where we constantly tweak who we are through different places, times, and events. However, I volunteered at a non-profit organization called Crescendo Detroit. It is an after school and summer program that allow children to build character in the
performing arts. This program consists of dance, vocal and instrumental music, reading, and other literary classes and topics
they have. I had been attending this program for 3 years and gained knowledge of life skills and etiquette. My position was to help the
children with their homework and a dance assistant in dance class.

            The biggest challenge about being a volunteer was that I had a hard time adjusting toward people. I am antisocial, not a peoples person, and it affected me because I never interacted with so many people with many beautiful talents (especially younger kids). Overtime, I had adjusted to them, they are like my family. This program was the first place where I showcased my talent of dance. I had not ever been in dance school, I just love to dance. Dance is my passion although it’s just a hobby of mine; nevertheless, this passion came from Crescendo Detroit, my support system. From three years of success for Crescendo Detroit, I built character upon myself and enhancing the skills they taught me as well. I learned how to be heard without speaking, which is my personality in retrospective. Nonetheless, they taught me to project my voice and recite and speak with confidence. I am still shy, but when it’s time to speak; I speak with a piece of mind. Leadership has developed in me by Crescendo Detroit for their passion for children and rigor they put forth.

            Crescendo Detroit will follow me into my future. The volunteering is forward looking by it has given me a foundation. With this foundation, I will reach my goals with the skills and talents I had developed. I seek to change neighborhood poverty and give children a chance to have somewhere to go instead of being in the streets and around bad influences. I was one of those Detroit kids who had nowhere to go and my mother wanted me to get involved in something. I had no job and I was starting high school. Ever since I met Thomas Butler and Damien Crutcher, they have supported me and now it’s my time to support them. If I came back in ten, twenty, or thirty years; I think I would make a difference by being alumni for Crescendo Detroit. My success alone would make a difference and that would give them assurance that they did/or doing their job. When I see more kids and the program spread throughout poor neighborhoods up like mine. Even when they are gone from this world, I will keep the program reviving and make it live up to them in every generation that is produced. In conclusion, these are my thoughts and reflections upon Crescendo Detroit and how this program can help other like how they helped me.

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