Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – 4 Giving Hearts

Name: Juan Taboada
From: Dallas, Texas
Grade: 10th
School: School of Business and Management at Townview
Votes: 1

The 4 Giving Hearts

The area in which I live has never been known to thrive with successful millionaires.
During my childhood, I experienced difficulties such as receiving the
love that my parents would want to give me, it was not because they
didn’t want to, it’s because of their work hours. This type of
situation is common today for many families, which work countless
hours to provide essentials for their family needs. Some families
were very unfortunate that they were not able to provide their
children with a simple Christmas gift. I didn’t want children to
lose hope in everything just because of their economical situation.

Since October 1st, I started the charity with the vision that many
children would be happy on December 25. I gathered other peers that
had a similar vision and started the process of seeking for families
in need. Today, I have been currently working on the charity for 5
weeks and as the leader of this charity, it’s been more work than
my peers have on their plates. Nevertheless, the fact that these
children will be thriving with excitement to receive their gift for
Christmas will be more than enough satisfaction for me. The biggest
challenge that we faced in the first weeks of starting up the
charity, was the location of where the charity would be held at. I
narrowed the decision down to the catholic churches of Dallas. The
situation was not any better, because my church was not able to give
me a certain response whether the cafeteria was secure for the date
and if the Dioceses of Dallas would approve it. After one week, I
decided to go to another church, which thankfully gave me a response
right away. The Church approved the request to use their cafeteria
for the charity since the reverend has been serving the community
since the 90’s and was open-minded to any activity that would
benefit the community.

As a future entrepreneur, I want to enhance the 4 Giving Hearts in a
global organization that deals with extreme poverty around the world,
and will achieve this through offshoring and global expansion. The
change that I seek through this charity is the engagement of many
students in school, to have a passion and to make them realize that
their economic status cannot affect their future. I believe that my
project will have made a difference, mainly because many families
have hope that there are many people that care for their community
and will pass on my legacy to future generations and they will also
reinforce their passion to be someone in life and not be looked down
upon due to their economic situation.

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