Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – Acts of volunteerism

Name: Morgan McIntosh
From: Fowler, Colorado
Grade: Sophmore
School: Fowler high school
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Growing up in a small town you get used to the acts of volunteerism,
everyone is always out doing new acts of kindness. Weather it’s the
church groups or the schools. So, when you grow up like that you have
the need to help out all the time.

I have a lot of commitment to volunteerism, I have always liked the
fact of helping people it makes you feel good inside and you are
helping others in need. When you can help out in a community problem
to try and fix something that is bad its always a good feeling. I am
always willing to help out it doesn’t matter if its raining or
snowing outside. My favorite kind of acts of volunteerism is the kind
that makes peoples days, when you help them smile and you know you
have made there entire day. Watching peoples faces light up with
happiness is the best thing that could bring me out of the dumps when
I’m in a bad mood. It also brings a lot of people closer, it makes
people remember your name and when they see you they always want to
talk to you. They never forget your name and they are always
mentioning you to other people who need help. I like going to nursing
homes and just sit with the elderly and talk with them to help make
them feel better because sometimes that’s all they need is just a
friend to talk to, and not a lot of people understand that and before
you know it you have an unbreakable connection with someone who
really needed it. Another thing I like to do is help out the
homeless, you don’t know everyone’s story you don’t know what
they have been through or how they got there so you just help them
instead it takes a lot of hate out of our world, and there’s way
too much of it. Lastly my favorite form of volunteerism is when you
go to animal shelters and you see the people walking the dogs around,
I love animals so that is something I love to do because you make
there day and they get a kind of happiness from the love your showing
them. That’s the best feeling there could ever be.

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