Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – Be The Difference

Name: Ally Jay Einbeck
From: Monroe , WI
Grade: 10th
School: Monroe High School
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The Difference —

began my education at a small Catholic school called, St. Victor
Elementary. I had 16 kids in my class, attended mass every Thursday,
and even had the pleasure of wearing a blue and gold uniform once a
week. Never did I think I would be applying to a Catholic University
to further my education and once again, embrace the blue and gold
power. My Catholic education is the fundamental base that has truly
shaped me into the person I am today. Since the day I graduated from
St. Victor Elementary, I have explored my faith, grown to develop
qualities of a true leader, and learned how to serve others with
passion. I developed these qualities by participating in youth group,
serving as captain on my high school soccer team for two consecutive
years, and actively volunteering at the Monroe Clinic.

the years, I have also fallen in love with the human body. What I am
truly passionate about is the complexity and diverse nature in which
we are created. When searching for my new home for the Fall of 2018,
I toured schools throughout the Midwest thinking nursing was my
calling. After several tours and countless hours of shadowing nurses
and Physician Assistants, the Biomedical Sciences program captured my
heart. I am looking for a program that will challenge me and provide
a wide variety of human-oriented courses. This unique program is
overflowing with opportunities I am interested in and has drawn me to
Marquette University. Along with this outstanding program, nothing
compares to the feeling I had when walking through the St. Joan of
Arc Chapel in the middle of campus. My brain and heart were on the
same page, and I knew from that moment, my homegrown roots were
pointing me down my new path of adventure. Marquette University is
the best place to connect my faith with my desire to care for others.

my never ending love for service and my true passion for science, I
will make a difference through health care and help people when they
need it most. A Marquette education will prepare and inspire me to
further our joint mission of learning, sharing knowledge, fostering
excellence, promoting a life of faith, and serving others as a
leader. By embracing the blue and gold power, I will always bring a
positive attitude to the table with the drive to acquire knowledge
while sharing my diversity with the world. I am, as St. Ignatius once
said, ready to go forth and set the world on fire.When combining
these passions, I will be the difference at Marquette University.

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