Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – Be the Leading Domino

Name: Jacob Montgomery
From: Palestine, Texas
Grade: High School Junior
School: Palestine High School
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There are many reasons why people volunteer and some are more humble than
others. I started because of my father’s teachings and continued
out of honor. As I was growing up my dad always told me to give to
others because no matter how bad it gets there is always someone
worse off. Years later I was presented with a unique opportunity to
volunteer as a counselor for the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards
leadership program. I taught my younger peers how to be leaders, help
others, and make a change in the lives around them. This initial
experience spanned three days and about eighteen hours a day but the
lasting effect of it is far greater. My biggest challenge was the
physical demanding environment, the middle of the woods in Southeast
Texas in freezing temperatures and mild winds. However I persevered
by reminding myself that out of the hundreds of participants and few
volunteers, there has got to be someone with less clothing than me.
When it was all said and done I was satisfied with the idea that I
could have just taught at least one person how to be a leader and
make a difference in this world. It taught me that people are just
that, people. We should not put people in a box with a label because
everyone is a one of a kind and we should volunteer to help people,
not just the poor, not just the homeless, not just the youth, just
all of the people that can use it.

I am currently working as hard as I can to have as much time in my
twenties and beyond to volunteering time and money to the ones around
me. Forward looking is synonymous to playing the long game, doing
everything you can now to get the life you want later and
volunteering is something I see when I look forward. In this world of
standing dominos, I will be the first to fall and volunteer in hopes
of encouraging the ones I help to help others. This chain reaction of
volunteering is the only way to truly make an impact to outlast the

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