Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – Bleed Orange Live Green

Name: Miranda Alfaro
From: Dallas, Texas
Grade: Junior
School: Plano West Senior High School
Votes: 2

“Set your heart on doing good. Do it over and over again, and you will be filled with joy.”

-Buddha Siddhartha Gautama

The words recorded by Siddhartha are what I believe many should live
by. As a member of National Honor Society, volunteering originally
became a task I must do, not something I wanted to do. Once my second
year came by I found a new passion, that giving back had been what I
turned out to be looking for my whole time in school. Volunteering
taught me how to become a leader; it showed me what a big impact one
person can have on a whole community and how to work with others.
Most importantly it opened me up to a whole new perspective in life I
had previously not seen.

My family has always pushed me to strive in school and my sister pushed me to
volunteer and give back to the community every chance I get. The past
year I was able to join the University Of Texas Athletics
Sustainability Squad by the recommendation of my sister. In the past
I had been exposed to the horrors we have yet to fix when it comes
protecting our environment but never knew the severity until I joined
this organization. According to the EPA, Americans generate 254
million tons of trash but only 87 million is recycled and composted.
The sustainability squad is trying to increase that number by trying
to make the University of Texas have 90% of its waste to be composted
or recycled by 2020. They have succeeded enormously in the Athletics
Department by having the baseball diversion rate up to 95.6%.

While I know that fixing one campus will not change the whole world it can and
will make a large impact. The focus of volunteering is to not change
everyone but to encourage others to change. While joining the
sustainability squad, it also led me to join other programs in my
community such as the environmental club at my school. Every few
weeks our organization has a schoolwide trash cleanup on our campus
which is over an acre and 2500 students. Our enormous campus can
accumulate a large influx of trash and our efforts have led to the
school being clean and safe for the environment. With the efforts of
our club, it led to other campuses within our school district and
surrounding schools to contribute to theirs.

My impact on community service has been growing every year and I
wish to continue after I graduate from high school. While it is
enforced in the National Honor Society, I was always go above the
minimum requirement of 15 hours per semester to show how important
voluteering is to me. I hope within the next few years I can make a
larger impact and to be able to see an actual change in the
environment within my lifetime.

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