Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – Children are our Future

Name: Dana Abdelaziz
From: Waxhaw, NC
Grade: 10
School: Marvin Ridge High School
Votes: 0

my high school career, I have been involved with several school clubs
and projects that were dedicated to helping the less fortunate. From
tutoring elementary school children, and volunteering at the Buddy
Walk which helps children and young adults with Down-syndrome finish
a 5k walk, I have come to realize the importance of volunteering. It
is our duty as society members to help those in need through working
together to make a difference in the civic life of our communities.

order to be a well-rounded individual, one must be involved in
helping grow their community; and one way to do so is through charity
work. I have always wanted to give back to society and after joining
a few projects at school that focused on children, I decided to
volunteer at a charity that worked for a cause I could be passionate
about and hopefully turn it into a long term engagement. Essentially,
I wanted to work at a non-profit organization that focused on
children and young adults. I am a strong believer that children are
our future, and it is our duty to nurture those that lack the basic
necessities needed to develop into productive members of society. I
also wanted to incorporate my passion for my Middle Eastern culture
into this assignment, thus why I decided to join a charity that
specializes in helping Middle Eastern children who live in the United
States. I chose to volunteer at the Charlotte chapter of the
Palestine Children’s Relief Fund foundation; an organization
dedicated to helping refugees and children in need who immigrated to
the U.S. to escape violence in their countries. Its main goal is to
service their time and skills as tools to help build a foundation for
those who want to start over, but don’t have the necessary means to
settle down.  

volunteered to come in to the PCRF’s recreational center for four
hours every other Sunday where they host the children all morning to
help them with their homework since English is not their first
language. I was very excited to be a part of such a great program
that provides the children with educational opportunities and
positive role models. I was assigned to a class of third graders that
needed help in reading and math. Even though at times this assignment
proved to be challenging, the support I received from other
volunteers and members of PCRF kept me patient and compassionate, and
the love and joy I received from the children made my volunteered
time and skill seem worthwhile.

plan on continuing giving to the community during my college years. I
want to join clubs and associations that target children in need
through programs that provide children with the necessary skills that
enable them to transcend the barriers that have limited their ability
to expand their horizons because of unfortunate events in their
lives. In the words of Anne Frank “No one has ever become poor by
giving.” And to give to the children now will hopefully in turn
help create a better future for America.

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