Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – Children are the future

Name: Isabelle G Fox
From: Kansas City, Missouri
Grade: 10th
School: Lincoln College Prep
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Isabelle Fox (Senior)

Lincoln College Prep

November 2017

Children are the Future

I am a senior at Lincoln College Preparatory Academy. I am currently
volunteering at a nearby elementary school named Wendell Phillips.
This is a school in the urban area that educates underprivileged
students; Some of which are homeless, and some who do not speak
English. My International Baccalaureate English teacher provided me
with the opportunity, like she encourages seniors to do every year.
My role consists of setting aside about two hours weekly, dedicated
to increasing sixth grade students mathematical abilities. I have
currently been volunteering for about four months now, and I plan to
continue until I graduate. My biggest fear was that I would not be
enough motivation towards the students in order to overcome their
academic difficulties. However, I’m glad I did not let my fear stop
me from going. As a result, I have gained a great relationship with
many of the students. I’ve come to the realization how much I enjoy
teaching, and encouraging others. My volunteer focus falls into
alignment with my career interest because I plan on becoming a
psychologist serving those from low-income homes. I want to
understand people and gain the ability to aid them in discovering the
appreciable moments in life. Seeing the potential in every
individual, it is understandable that everyone may not be able to
afford the medical access needed. I have hopes of being the one to
provide service at an affordable/reduced cost.

As I have gotten the chance to tutor, I have also gotten the chance to
witness first hand the amount of hope the students have. With
eagerness to learn, I know they will have great triumph. Therefore,
in my opinion, my activities are forward-looking because children
really are our future. I believe that providing them with education,
and support that they may not receive at home may just give them the
spark they need to excel past the point of success. With my
commitment, I hope to rid the stereotype, “children who come from
poverty will not exceed anything in life.” People deem these young
children out to be failures, or “bad kids” before they have even
reached high school. Not only setting these students up for failure
but breaking away any hope they may have obtained. If I were to come
back in ten, twenty, or even thirty years, which I would love to do,
I truly believe that my volunteering would have made a difference.

In conclusion, I am incredibly grateful to be an influence on these
adolescents. It is easy to presume that reinforcement, optimism, and
goals are essential in order to flourish in life.

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