Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – Christ’s love

Name: crystal bree grunawalt
From: fort wayne , indiana
Grade: sophomore in high school
School: concordia lutheran high school
Votes: 20

Crystal Grunawalt

I have chosen to
volunteer in ministry work, church has always been a big impact on my
life. Christ has given us all so much more then we deserve in this
life and we owe him nothing less then sharing it all with others.
Per week I volunteer about 5 hours, due to being a senior in high
school and taking college classes in advance this is the most that I
can contribute at the moment. In the summer I spent 24 hours a day
for two weeks at camp Luther haven. I help anyone from a child to
another adult who is in need of service. I help make food, caring for
the children and cleaning whatever needs to be clean. That is where
my most time and devotion goes to I have attended the camp myself
since I was 5. It gave me so much of my childhood and shaped me to
the women I am today. I can not describe its impact. In return I want
to share my love for this place by hoping to make everyone’s
experience the same as my own.

My biggest challenge
as a volunteer is to repeat some steps at new places I serve at. I
wish I could do different things at different places but we are all
humans and all need some of the same things. Especially after serving
for two weeks at this camp every summer for the last four years it is
hard to come home and do it all over again at another location.
However, volunteering isn’t just a one-time one-place deal. It is
all over and redoing the same things you might have done at the last
location. Sometimes it can be hard like it is for me but once it is
completed and you get to see the smiles on peoples faces that you
have impacted it is worth everything in the world. It’s all about
giving to others what you can sacrifice, just as Christ did for us.
He sacrificed his own life to give us all life, simply because he
loved us. I strive to remember this everyday and share it with
everyone I come into contact with. The most satisfaction as a
volunteer is seeing the smiles on peoples faces because of something
you have done for them, also hearing thank you. I love serving with
my Christian heart and when I do, sometimes if people witness my
actions they stop and smile at you and sometimes say thank you. There
is nothing more that I love to hear then that ‘thank you’ along
with a smile. The thing I have learned from my volunteer position is
that there is always someone who needs you. Someone in this world has
it far worse off then you do and the least you could do is give up a
bit of your time to assist him or her. I encourage everyone to serve
as Christ served us. All of us can sacrifice something for someone.

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