Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – Comfort of the Uncomfortable

Name: KeyShawn Carter
From: South Orange, New Jersey
Grade: High School Senior
School: Seton Hall University
Votes: 0


December, 2017


giving back to the community, I have found that it works best if
there is no limit to your boundaries. I have tried to put forth
effort in giving back to everyone, regardless of their position in
society. The amount of time that I have given consistently varies
during the year. Some weeks I put in 15 hours, while others only one
or two, but the most important part is to never stop giving. As a
volunteer, I had no “set responsibilities” because the work I did
was solely for my personal gain and pleasure. I put in time and
effort to try and help those who seemed to need a helping hand. For a
short period of time, I created a YouTube channel dedicated to
helping strangers who seemed like they needed a hand. So, for me, my
main responsibility was making myself feel accomplished at the work
that I had done. Although the work was very rewarding, there was a
lot of time that came with it. The only reason that I have not
continued my YouTube channel was due to the start of my 18-credit
college semesters; I simply didn’t have the time. Even with the
amount of time I put into the work, I got a ton of satisfaction from
learning about myself. When I was able to make myself vulnerable to
other people, it made me a better person. Approaching people who seem
in need takes courage, and that same courage puts you in a delicate
state. It built internally into a person that is more comfortable
with himself regardless of the situation. I have learned more about
who I am from helping others than I ever have from myself.

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