Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – Coming Of Change.

Name: Jasmeen Sandhu
From: Anthem, AZ
Grade: 12th
School: Anthem Preparatory Academy
Votes: 5

Jasmeen Sandhu

Leadership Essay

“To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or
measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.” –
Douglas  Adams
              I believe Douglas Adams is correct in thinking that sincerity and
integrity must be added to be able to perform real service. Integrity
must be a part of service because one who is doing service must have
strong moral principles so that they are able to influence others to
engage in service. The individual doing the service also positively
impacts the lives of people receiving the service. Amongst all these
moral principles shown in one who has integrity, I believe honesty is
the most crucial. This is because not only do you need to maintain
honesty among the people you are serving but also yourself. You must
be honest to yourself so that you are doing service for the right
intentions, which are to watch the community grow and be able to aid
it along the way. This is where sincerity comes in to play in
service, within its very nature to be honest and having decency. This
is why service must be voluntary.
to Douglas Adams, service cannot ever be measured with money.  If
for some reason money is distributed for doing service, it wouldn’t
fall into the category of service, but rather an occupation. In this
way he is not “giving back” to the community, it will never be
considered as a true service.  Expecting a material reward for
service, can never be true service.  It also will not be seen as
a true service because his intentions will no longer be aligned with
moral principles and he will also no longer be honest to himself.  By
not having his moral principles aligned, one will not have integrity
nor sincerity, the key fundamental foundations which the term:
service, depends on.

I have been part of a 501- Mother and daughter charity, where I have
been actively giving ideas for service projects all around Anthem,
initiating ideas and know how to put them into action and have been
devoting numerous hours volunteering at charities all across Anthem
through it, I also actively volunteer at a Kumon :Math and Reading
Center, where I take up the role of Leader by not doing the work for
them but guiding in a way where self realization of the concepts can
take place. In doing so they can work through the packets and can go
far beyond what their grade level asks of them. In conclusion,
although by doing service you don’t receive material keepsakes but
you receive something far better than any material gains. Through
these experiences I have learnt that even a minute of genuine effort
from anyone, has the power to change the entire world into a better
place. In these experiences, I have learnt that even I have the power
to innate real, good and positive change within the world around me.
Most importantly, I have learned that genuinely helping others, is
reward itself.


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