Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – Committed to the Future

Name: Austin M. Culbertson
From: Clyde, Ohio
Grade: 10
School: Clyde Senior High School
Votes: 0

For me, committing to volunteerism led me to engage in youth art and education programs.
Thus, I found local institutions focused on educating and interacting
with the younger generations. Ever since I found out about these
clubs or programs, I have volunteered anywhere from 2-10 hours a
week, between juggling a job and school. Although, within these
programs, my responsibilities varied, depending on the activity. When
it comes to working with school clubs, I’m either acting as a
helping hand with education and fun activities, or as a teacher in
trying to help kids learn through various, and fun methods! When it
comes to outside of school, I am also educating and helping the
youth, whether it be common safety, or helping kids find interests
they can build on, such as teaching other places’ culture, food,
and doing various activities, which in turn helps children become
more social and driven. In addition, my biggest challenge is managing
to give back, with the time consumption produced by school and my
job! My parents always tell me that if you truly want to do
something, you’ll find the time. Even though it has been hard at some
points, it has always been satisfying to experience the gratitude of
those impacted! In addition, aside from satisfaction, volunteering
has taught me to see the world as a cup that is half full, not half
empty. Through volunteering, I have interacted with children and
grown-ups who have been given way less compared to I. From this I
have learned that there is always someone out there with less, and it
is my job to ensure that I act in helping the youth succeed! Although
my goals and interest are not directly aligned with my volunteering,
I plan to always give back and help. My desire to be a businessman,
preferably an economist, may not sound like it directly correlates
with my desire to give back and help those in need, but I plan on
making my interests aid me. A businessman’s goal is to effectively
deliver their product, or services they offer, to the people. Well,
not only do I want to work with a company whose product I care about
but I also ideally want a company who gives back. Thus, my activities
are forward-looking because, in order to reach my goals, I continue
to learn and grow. Forward-looking to me means that you are doing
things to grow and create positive change. The positive change I wish
to create is more opportunities for those children who don’t have
the most there for them to succeed. No matter what, I know I will
make a difference because if you keep at something, I believe that
those efforts will have an impact on at least one person who will
want to give back as well, and a chain effect will occur that leads
to something big. This is said because every change is a group

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