Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – Community Service

Name: Drew Thomas
From: Southfield, Michigan
Grade: 10
Votes: 0

The community services I did in the past were working at the Groves
Garage Sale for baseball freshman and sophomore year and serving
people soup at my church.

I liked this trimester experience it I expected it to be not as fun but
I was wrong I also thought that my group would not be left at the
park when everyone went to get pizza at Grandmont Rosedale but I was
wrong about that as well. This trimester I worked at Grandmont
Rosedale and I took plants out of the containers they were and place
them in the pile then I pulled weeds out of the ground next to the
fence outside and inside two different baseball fields. After that I
took water bottles to the people watering the plants. When I worked
at Greenfield I was in control of the gator toss game were the kids
had to toss bean bags into a cardboard box with an alligator head cut
out of it. Lastly, I was a greater at the open house, I opened the
door for people and said “Hi welcome to Groves”. The community
service made me feel happy because I was having fun, but I did not
like being a greeter as much as the other two services I did.

The community service made a good impact on me because I learned that it
is better to have parking lots that are more gravel like because it
sucks the water into the ground unlike pavement and it also helps
prevent floods from happening. At grandmont Rosedale the people
around me affected me positively because I enjoyed working with the
people I know and I had a good time. At Greenfield it affected me
positively even because I liked the person who was working the game
station with me. At the open house it affected me positively because
I also liked the person I worked with but it started to get boring
when people stopped coming.

I don’t think I impacted anyone when I volunteered for the Grandmont
Rosedale project because the people I was working with already knew
me. At Greenfield I impacted the person working with me because he is
a student at Berkshire and I told him what Groves was like I also
made the parents happy by staying at the station the whole time. At
the open house I might have impacted some of the people considering
going to Groves because if I was going to a school open house I would
like it if students greeted me at the door.

The most important thing I learned about myself during this project is
that I like to volunteer if it is fun. Before this project all I knew
about volunteering was feeding people food and moving objects around
at the garage sale. I learned that I really like working with people
I like when I volunteer because it makes it a lot easier if because
you know someone and you’re not going into it not knowing anyone.

The thing I liked the best about the community service was having fun
while helping the community. When i was in Grandmont Rosedale I had a
lot of fun taking the weeds out of the ground and taking the plants
out of the containers because I was working with people that I liked.
worst thing about the community service was being a greeter because after a
while it got boring and then people stopped coming.

I think that community service is important because you learn about
things going on in the community and it is good to help people. You
can also learn things you don’t know like I learned new things
about the environment. You can meet new people and make friends, I
worked with a person I never met when I was at Greenfield.
Volunteering makes you feel good because you know you did something
to make someone happy. Finally, it saves money and makes it easier
for things to be done so people don’t have to worry about paying

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