Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – Community

Name: Juan Americo Tovar
From: Alton, TX
Grade: Sophomore
School: Harvest Christian Academy
Votes: 0


When I turned fourteen I decided to look for a place where I can get
community service hours in order to bring my record to be on a good
position for resumes and just to help my community in any way I
could. After a few months of searching, I had decided to look at
Alton City Hall to see what opportunities awaited me and in doing so
found that the city had a summer camp and a winter parade they could
use help with.

I looked into how I could help my community but was disappointed to
find that in order to volunteer in my city, I had to be fourteen
years old. After a brief period of waiting, I soon reached the age of
fourteen and applied to volunteer at the newly established Alton
Summer Camp. Entering the summer camp, I found that simply watching
the kids from a distance would not suffice. I found it in myself to
care for the children by involving myself in the activities they did
and aiding them when they were injured. After a period of two months,
the program had ended. The end of the summer camp was a devastating
event because I did not know what to do with the rest of my summer or
the other summers to come. I came back to the Alton Recreation Center
to ask if I can volunteer again. To my surprise they agreed and for
the next four years I would be volunteering at the Alton Summer Camp
and be making a contribution to my community.

Another example of me helping my community would be the time I had
volunteered to help my city with their Winter Parade. It was the
winter of 2016 and I was home, with nothing to do. As soon as I had
realized that I was doing nothing, I decided to drive to Alton city
hall and ask if they needed help with their upcoming parade. To my
surprise they needed a setup manager that would help the recreation
center manager, Samm Mercado. After accepting the volunteer position,
I was then assigned to immediately go to the recreation center and
help Mr. Mercado put the lineup signs in the back of his truck so we
can put on the side of the road for the floats to be in proper order.
I then made my way to help Mr. Mercado to put the signs in his truck
and finished in as little as five minutes. We then made our way
towards the intersection of 5 mile and Los Ebanos to place the signs
for the floats. After a period of maybe seven to eight minutes, we
were done with the sign setup. After completing this task, we made
our way to the heart of the city, where we were tasked with the job
to quickly put together the stage for the Mayor of Alton. We
completed the stage in the time period of two hours. As soon as
everything was finished, we commenced the parade and later were
recognized for our hard work and dedication to the parades setup.

Through doing these acts of community service I was able to show my city that
I am a active member in my society and that I would do anything to
help people. These things eventually came to show that I was a hard
worker which will help me on my search to find a career. I personally
want to become a detective and these community service acts will show
my superior that I am an ideal choice for helping my city and
following orders even if they do not pay.

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