Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – Donating Happiness with Just a Little Time

Name: Natasha Mussmacher
From: Newmarket, ON
Grade: 10
School: Newmarket High School
Votes: 0

Donating Happiness with just Time

Hi, my name is Natasha Mussmacher and I am currently in my last year of
my high school career. I am so excited to get out into the big world
that everyone calls university. I am a very involved student with my
community as well as in my school. A very important quote that I have
lived by was said by Mahatma Gandhi, he said, “You must be the
change you wish to see in the world.” This quote really means a lot
to me because in my life a lot of things have happened that have just
been out of my control, and I have just had to learn how to deal with

When I volunteer, I feel like I am in control, I can influence the change
that needs to happen. I volunteered at Children’s Aid Society
watching the little children and playing with them, while the parents
or guardians were busy. I have adored those experiences because no
matter what is going on in their life, I am able to donate at least 4
hours a month and make the children happy and leave them with a good
memory. I think that the biggest challenge I have had in volunteering
in this specific field is knowing that their lives have started out
so young being a challenge and feeling like no child should have to
live a complicated unhappy life. I would have to say that seeing
these children light up when I see you and know that now they are
allowed and are going to have a good time. Making children and people
happy in life gives me the most amount of satisfaction. I wish I
could donate all my time to making people feel better and that us why
I want to become some sort of psychologist. By doing so I will be
able to feel like I am making a difference to people maybe not the
whole world but sometimes it is someone’s whole world. I have
learned so many things while being a part of so many different forms
of volunteering in all different aspects. Even if you are doing
something behind the curtains that they cannot see you in your heart
know that you have made a difference and because of it you may have
just saved someone’s life.

As I mentioned before I am wanting to become a psychologist of some
sort, forward looking to me is exactly that. I am doing what I can
now with the knowledge and opportunities I have been given and then
in the future I will have had time to grow and understand how to make
a greater impact on the world. If I were to come back sometime in the
future and revist my old volunteer places I would like to say that I
would have made some sort of difference, because every little thing
you do makes a difference, that is why there are no small roles only
small people. Everything matters do not ever forget that.
Volunteering has given me the opportunity of a life time and I hope
that people realize what a difference a little help can do for
someone. Pay it forward you will feel better after.

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