Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – Everyone Deserves a Gold Award

Name: Lauren Pelzner
From: Vienna, VA
Grade: 10
School: George C Marshall High School
Votes: 1

Lauren Pelzner

As a member of Girl Scouts, one of the greatest awards that you can earn
is the Gold Award. I am greatly inspired by the actions of human
rights leaders around the world and hope that I will be able to make
a difference in my community. I am incredibly passionate about
supporting the individuals around the world who advocate for women,
because we are still discriminated against, even in a country that
has the biggest show of equality. The issue of women
rights is active not only in my school and community, but is an
international issue that I am passionate about because it will affect
not only me personally, but my future children and the next
generation of women. I decided to choose women as my topic, because
as a women, I am incredibly concerned with the image and well-being
of women all around the world.

In the future, I aim to have a profession in which I will be able to
personally help and connect with people. My dream jobs as of this
moment are being either a human rights lawyer or a psychologist,
because both jobs revolve around the lives of people and ensuring
they are okay in every aspect of their lives. I am inspired by my
teachers, school counselor, and all the individuals who are
attempting to make a difference to help the greater good. The issues
that I am passionate about inspire me to do something in my community
to make a difference and ensure that my ideas are heard.

One of the biggest issues that younger girls face is the negative effects
of bad mental health, which not only affects them mentally, but also
socially and academically. For my Gold Award project, I will be
creating a mental health fair for younger girls, before they go into
middle school, to show them the effects of relationships in their
personal and social life, and highlight the valuable resources that
they have that they may not be aware of. I will be creating a team
full of women who will speak to the girls about everything life has
to offer them. In addition, I will be showing clips of examples to
demonstrate a real life connection to the discussions we are having
to connect with the girls on a personal level, because they may not
all be aware of what life has in store for them as they are maturing
and going into middle school.

The benefit that my project would provide to the community would be the
long standing impact that both I and my teammates would have on the
younger girls. I hope to show girls the effects of relationships in
their personal and social life, and highlight the valuable resources
that they have that they may not be aware of. As a teenage girl, I
had to develop relationships that were significant to my growth, and
weed out the negative people I had in my life. I was able to do this
through with trusted adults whose lives revolved around helping
people. I used my personal experience to come up with an issue that I
feel is incredibly important to the well being of people. Being able
to have a variety of resources who can help your achievements will
give you a greater sense of accomplishment because you did this
project for not only yourself, but others.

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