Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – Everyone deserves to be loved

Name: Kenli Petty
From: Lorena, Texas
Grade: sophmore
School: Lorena High school
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deserves to be loved

Andrew once said, “Volunteers do not necessarily have the time;
they just have the heart.” My parents have taught me that
volunteering one’s own time for others is a pure act of kindness. I
love volunteering because making someone smile fills my heart with
joy. Also, even taking a little time out of your day to help someone
else can make a significant impact on someone else’s life.
Volunteering is also selfless because it is done to help others
rather than yourself.

my family, on every Thanksgiving we volunteer for Friends For
Thanksgiving which is where we help make meals and then deliver to
people who don’t have a family or are in need on Thanksgiving. We
wake up early each year on Thanksgiving and head to the Friends for
Life center in Waco, Texas. Each time we go, we spend about four
hours making lunches and then delivering them. Our responsibility as
volunteer is to help pack up the food in boxes and then sign up for
houses to deliver to. Once we sign up for the houses, we pack up the
number of meals we need in the car. Then we drive to each house and
deliver the meals. Delivering the meals is definitely the best part
because that’s when the hard work pays off. This is because I get
to see the smile on their face because they might not have a family
to spend the holiday with. They might not have any friends or anybody
to talk to, but when you show up they see that someone truly cares
about them. In the many years that I have volunteered for this
program I have realized that when we deliver, the people usually
invite us to come in and talk for a little while or they even ask for
a hug. Everybody in this world deserves to be loved and Friends for
Thanksgiving is a perfect activity that demonstrates this.

of the biggest struggles to volunteer for Friends For Thanksgiving is
because it requires us to wake up early on Thanksgiving and sometimes
we are busy, but it is so worth waking up early because of the
opportunity to brighten someone else’s life. Throughout my years of
volunteering I have learned that true happiness can be gained by
doing something for someone else no matter how small or big it is.
Volunteering for organizations is absolutely great, but even taking
time out of your day to say Hi to the kid who has no friends or
talking to someone who might seem sad also is volunteering your time.
We live in a broken world, and any act of kindness will contribute to
the healing of the people in it. Some people might think they have a
horrible life, but there is always someone else who is either going
through the same pain or maybe even worse. I have also learned that
is is important to be thankful for what I have and not take things
for granted. Some of the houses we have delivered meals to are beat
down and don’t have air conditioning or electricity. So when I am
upset about something, I always think about the people who have it
way worse than me.

I look towards the future, I see that my volunteering has helped make
a difference in someone’s life. Not only has my volunteering
helped, but also all of the other good people in this world who have
realized how important volunteering is. I see my activities as
forward-looking because they have contributed to the recovery of this
crumbling world. I seek to make a positive change in the world by
volunteering for a plethora of organizations. I believe that If
everybody agrees to allow a little time out of their day to help
others, it will truly help convert this world into a better place.
There are so many people hurting in this world, and one act of
compassion is a step to healing their broken hearts. If I were to
come back after ten, or twenty years, I think that my volunteer
activities would have made a difference. I will continue to volunteer
my time for others throughout my life because it is very important to

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