Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – Giving Back is Incredibly Important

Name: Victoria Bowen
From: Colorado Springs , Colorado
Grade: 10th in 2015-2016 but 12th in 2017-2018
School: Widefield High School
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Back is Incredibly Important

the past few years of my high school career I have volunteered for
many different community activities which are all unique in their own
way, but I have mainly focused on youth tutoring programs and
assisting teachers in any way they need. One opportunity in which I
have just recently volunteered for, which is incredibly satisfying,
is tutoring classmates of mine who are in the special education
department. It is very rewarding to help those kids who struggle and
finally see a lightbulb turn on which makes them extremely happy. I
have also tutored students, through the national honor society
program, who seek help during the school year. Not only do students
need help during the school year, but teachers are in need of
assistance once in a while as well. Anytime a teacher asks for help
or gives the impression they need help, I am the first one to step
forward and offer a lending hand, even if the task is as simple as
organizing a cabinet to as complicated as going through the chemical
log book. I chose these two fields of volunteerism because my life
is school at the moment, so I make the most of it. School is my main
focus and my job at the moment so I choose to help those in the same
position as me or those who spend their days teaching us.

hours of volunteerism vary from month to month depending on the
school schedule. Some weeks I log five to six volunteer hours, but
on the other hand, some weeks are quiet and I log three to four
hours. In total, each year I am able to log at least thirty hours of

responsibilities as a volunteer include tutoring students and finding
ways to help them study for finals to ensure successful. Also, I
organize and clean for teachers. However, the biggest challenge I
have faced as a volunteer is learning how each student thinks
differently, so things may not always go as planned; being
spontaneous and flexible is very important which is the biggest
lesson I have learned.

volunteer opportunities incorporate my goal of becoming a physician.
I will have to work with patients who have different needs and
conditions, so adjustment is crucial. Plus, you never know what will
be thrown at you in the medical field so being able to take on any
task is important.

These activities are “forward
looking” because they affect the future of the underclassmen.
Graduating high school is an important part of entering adulthood, so
by helping them get there I am bettering their future. I seek to
make the world an easier place to ask for help when people need it,
instead of being afraid to admit they’re struggling. I hope if I
return home in years, the kids which I tutored will help out their
fellow underclassmen. Volunteer activities can come with challenges
but they’re always worth it in the end.

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