Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – Helping hand

Name: Grace Aquino
From: Colorado Springs, CO
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Volunteering isn’t about what the person does for their self, it’s what you do
to give back to the community. Personally I do what I can to give
back, I do my share. I am open to doing volunteer work no matter what
it is. It starts with one thing and that is with you. Commitment is
the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.
I have spent many years working on commitment and by my sophomore
year I have reached that goal. Every month for 4 years I had
volunteered at my churches day care helping each kid from the young
age of one through five. My responsibilities were to pick activities
for the older children to work on like art projects, and helping with
each child in the nursery to make sure all were taken care of while
their parents were in service. A huge challenge was some days it was
only me and another volunteer taking on 10 or more children. I take
pride as a volunteer so being able to help was all the satisfaction I
needed. Or even volunteering for school events on a friday night or
a weekend. Dedicating my time to make sure events are cared for and
helped. On my school’s last trip I helped work crew out even if I
didn’t have to but I wanted to. It was my personal choice.

In my future I want to take my volunteer working to helping animals. By
saving them, helping our wildlife. Protecting them and saving their
life from hunters. Because they deserve so much more than to be
hunted for their fur, tusks, or even just for the fun. In the future
I would hope they made a change in the world. I would hate to see
animals going extinct all because someone thought wearing giraffe fur
was the best and latest fashion trend. It just crushes my spirit. Day
by day I would like to take my opportunity to help all I can with
every animal, every person to make a difference.


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