Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – Helping In a Good Way

Name: Joyce Lin
From: Brooklyn, New York
Grade: 11
School: New Utrecht High School
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Helping In a Good Way

My name is Joyce Lin and I am a senior at New Utrecht High School as of
now. My family once told me about how volunteering can help reflect
my personality towards others in a positive way. Not only does
volunteering help show me the right steps, but it does give something
back to the community. Since I am in my senior year, in the hopes of
graduating on June of 2018, one of the requirements to be eligible
for graduation involves doing community service. I personally have
experience with volunteering before, as I first volunteered back on
September of 2016, when I was a junior at the time span. The place I
chose to volunteer at is called Metropolitan Baptist Church. 25 hours
was the minimum requirement to be done with community service, so to
make things simple, I volunteered at 3 and a half hours each week.
Regarding my role on volunteering at this church, there were parents
and kids that would come to the church on a typical Sunday and listen
to the Bible by the preacher. Afterwards, the kids would go on about
and play around at the church. I was pretty much taking care of the
kids and making sure that nothing troublesome happens. Concerning my
biggest challenge as a volunteer, it was time management. I live in
Staten Island, New York and the church is in Brooklyn, so my parents
would have to drive me there. And usually I would ask my fellow
friends that live in Brooklyn to help me get there by walking. Either
way, I managed to make the place in time. The most satisfaction I
have probably been given as a volunteer is taking care of the kids,
as I’m pretty much letting have a fun time, as long as they do not
have issues like fighting each other or messing around with something
they are not supposed to be doing. Usually everything is very smooth
and peaceful, but if something happens, I try to prevent the problem.

From my volunteer position, I have learned that helping a supervisor or
whomever is in charge gets you respect and many thanks from them. It
shows that not only you choose to help, but you are also helping in a
positive and mannerly way to others. People can easily learn from
this and become nice people.

When I see my activities as “forward looking”, I think of it as moving
on to the next level of the pyramid. “Forward looking” is
thinking ahead about the potential future and future goals and
dreams. The change I want to seek to foster in the world is that
people can learn from being a bad person to a good person by
volunteering. If I came back in a long time, I would believe that my
volunteer activities would have “made a difference”. People have
opportunities to learn from one another. It simply makes you a
respectful person.

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