Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – Helping Others While Helping Myself

Name: Emilee Perry
From: Bremerton, Washington
Grade: 10
School: Bremerton High School
Votes: 0

Others While Helping Myself

Emilee Perry

have always wanted to help people, and this passion of mine is how I
decided on my future career of being a paramedic. I am currently in
my senior year of high school, and I knew that in order to get into
the paramedic program I wanted, I would need some sort of related
volunteer experience. Because I am only 17 and will not be 18 until
right before leaving for college, I discovered that being a volunteer
firefighter or paramedic was not an option. I discovered that my
local blood bank was looking for more volunteers, and I saw this as
my opportunity to get some medical-related volunteer hours, so I
applied. I now am a volunteer with BloodWorksNW 3-4 times a month as
a donor monitor and a tablet runner. My main job as a donor monitor
is to ensure that donors are feeling well enough after their blood
donation to leave, and I also give them cookies and juice. This may
not seem like an important role, but it is essential to the donation
process to ensure that the donors are doing well after their
donations. Because of this volunteering, I am able to help others in
making sure they are well after their donations, but I am also
helping myself. While volunteering with BloodWorksNW over the past 5
months, I have met some awesome people who have come through the
canteen, including recently a reitred firefighter/paramedic. When he
found out that I was planning on going into the same field he had
spent his life in, he gave me some wonderful advice on how to be
successful as a paramedic. One challenge that I have faced while
being in this volunteer position is seeing some people who do not
take the blood loss as well as others. Since I am just a donor
monitor, I am not really trained to do anything to help anyone if
they are to start feeling light-headed or pass out. Being someone
who’s passion in life is to help people, it is hard for me not to
assist these people in any way I know how, but that is what the
phlebotomists are there for. Being able to do the little bit that I
do to help these people is satisfying enough for me, just knowing
that I am doing something to ensure they are okay after their
donations is enough for me. Being in this volunteer position, and
becoming acquainted with the phlebotomists, I have learned some
really interesting information about blood. I have also learned what
a huge impact my small action of watching the donors post-donation
and giving them snacks can have.

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