Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – Helping The Younger Ones

Name: Wendy Mendoza
From: Grand Junction, CO
Grade: Juinor
School: Grand Junction High School
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Helping The Younger

  1. I
    have volunteered in two elementary schools, I volunteered for
    Chipeta Elementary when I was a sophomore in high school for a
    second grade teacher. During my senior year I volunteered for a
    semester at Tope Elementary for a kindergarten teacher who inspired
    me to become a kindergarten teacher myself. I chose to volunteer for
    an elementary school because I enjoy working with little children
    and I enjoy children in general. I volunteered at Chipeta every
    Thursdays for 50 minutes each Thursday, at Tope Elementary I would
    volunteered every Friday for 40 minutes since it was the only time
    the kids had play time. My responsibilities at Chipeta were mainly
    helping the teacher get the supplies for the class ready and
    sometimes help her out with the kids. At Tope Elementary my
    responsibilities were help the teacher write in the kid’s
    notebooks, help the kids put all their things in their backpacks,
    work with kids on anything they need to strengthen and help around
    the classroom with the kids making sure they are all getting along.
    The biggest challenge I faced during volunteering was probably
    knowing how to deal with the kids not getting along and how to work
    it out in a way where they would be happy with it. The most
    satisfying thing about volunteering with little kids is getting to
    know them and see them learning and the feeling once they’ve
    gotten used to you, just seeing how happy they are to see you and
    how they would just change my mood completely on those stressful
    days at school. I learned that I really want to be a kindergarten
    teacher because I enjoy working with kids and I had wanted to be a
    teacher just didn’t know which grade, since I started volunteering
    with little kids I realized that I wanted to work with little kids.
    Volunteering with little kids can help me in the future by giving me
    experience with little kids for my career as a kindergarten teacher.
    “Looking forward” to me means preparing for the future and doing
    the things that help you get closer to what you want to do in the
    future. I want to help kids get the education they need in a fun way
    and make sure they learn not just things for school but things they
    can remember and use in the future. I don’t think my volunteering
    activities would make a difference if I came back in twenty or ten
    years, because I think I would still have chosen to be a
    kindergarten teacher because of my volunteering with little kids.

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