Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – Homeless People are Still People

Name: Jianni M Wellington
From: Reading, PA
Grade: 11th
School: Penn State Berks
Votes: 0

People are Still People

my time volunteering, I have done a few different things. I worked at
food stands, served at homeless shelters, and helped entertained the
children attending the events. I have done about hundred hours of
volunteer work starting my freshman year in high school to my first
semester in college. My job when volunteering was always to tend to
other people’s needs and clean up any messes. I have not had many
challenges when volunteering, however, there were moments where I had
to deal with rude people. I love when someone give their thanks for
helping or serving them. It makes me feel like I made a difference to
somebody even if it was giving them a brighter day. The volunteer
work that has most affected me was helping at homeless shelters. They
are many reasons as to why someone doesn’t have a home. The ones we
usually think about are that the person is a drug addict or crazy.
Some people are laid off from work or love living outside. The reason
why some choose to sleep outside than in a shelter is because they
don’t want anyone to steal their valuables. Homeless shelters also
kick people are after a certain time, and they don’t want to deal
with having to go in and out of the shelter. There was a person I met
while going to a three-day service trip to Philadelphia; he was
content with is life. He was homeless but loved living outside rather
than living with his daughters. I also had an encounter with a
homeless couple; they got laid off at their jobs but still give to
others even if it is the little bit they have left. I was always had
tried to ignore seeing people on the streets without a home because I
was afraid of what they might to me. We are told to stay away from
strangers, but I felt terrible seeing people struggle because I know
if I were in their situation I would want somebody to lend me a
helping hand. There were other times where I helped at shelters, but
I had never interacted with the people because I was focusing on the
work aspect. I am not sure if my career will involve me doing a lot
of volunteer work, but I hope during my time of service I have made a
difference to at least one person. They might be inspired to help
someone else and the cycle continues. I learned from volunteering to
not be so judgmental as well as to realize to those in need. Do not
turn a blind eye to others , but in order to help others, you have to
tend to yourself first and make sure you are able to help people
without causing discomfort for yourself.

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