Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – How to Save a Life?

Name: Karissa Ann Lowe
From: Thompson Falls, Montana
Grade: 11
School: Thompson Falls High School
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Karissa Lowe


to Save a Life?

I have taken on the responsibility to volunteer at our local Blood
Drive. From my Freshman year to my Senior year I have volunteered
about 14 hours donating and helping out. You’re probably wondering
why I would choose this organization out of them all. Choosing this
organization has changed my life in a great way. My freshman year I
chose to sign up to help for the blood drive, making sure that after
someone was done donating blood that they were alright and wouldn’t
pass out, wouldn’t get sick, wouldn’t have a bad reaction,
getting them water, and a snack to eat. On that day, I witnessed many
different outcomes, and one was a girl that attended school with, and
it made me realize that some people have different effects on
donating blood than other people do. When my sophomore year came
around, I was finally old enough to donate my blood, I was nervous
but knowing that I could save someone’s life, motivated me to want
to donate my blood, so I told our instructor that I would like to
sign up to help and donate. She signed me up to help and donate, and
I remember her telling me, “the more water you drink the easier it
is to donate,” so I began drinking a ton of water. My time came to
donate, and I did it, and it was the best feeling ever.

After that, I went home and told my mom that I had donated blood and
it felt so good to help someone by donating my blood. She proceeded
to tell me that I could save many people’s lives with my blood, and
how one of our family members had needed a blood transfusion and he
got blood from someone who had donated and he lived. With her telling
me that, I instantly wanted to donate every year then. So, I donated
and helped my junior year and now, for my senior year our blood drive
is November 13th, I have already signed up to donate and
help out.

I have learned many things from donating blood and reading articles
they give out and how many people are expected to have passed away,
but with the help of someone else’s blood, they have lived. To me,
that is extremely important since it has helped one of my family
members. My biggest challenge was watching how people react after
donating and how they can pass out from it, that was the scariest
part of it all. I love helping people out in any way, and I’m glad
I could help someone out this way.

A couple days later, I got a postcard in the mail, it was from the
American Red Cross, and they said that they appreciated me donating
because my blood type is so rare that not a lot of people can get
blood transfusions because there’s not enough of my type of blood
out there. Hearing that news made me realize how true it is that you
can save someone’s life. I’m glad I chose this organization, and
this is how it has impacted my life along with others.

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