Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – Impact Service

Name: Sarandon Chino
From: Fruit Heights, UT
Grade: 12
School: Davis High School
Votes: 0


Impactful Service

The area that I wished to volunteer in was assisting children in
orphanages by painting their building and teaching them english. When
I lived in South America, there were many children that needed love
and assistance. I chose to help them because of the bad conditions
that they lived in. I volunteer in different activities monthly, but
helping at the orphanage lasted for a month. As a volunteer, I was
responsible for painting the walls of the children’s rooms and
playing with them to make them feel cared for. My biggest challenge
as a volunteer was the language barrier. It was hard to assist them
to the best of my ability when I couldn’t fully communicate with
them. As a volunteer, I got the most satisfaction from the smiles on
the kids faces. They were so content when they saw how much we loved
them in such a small period of time. I have learned that it is so
easy to change someone’s life. People are always in need of help and
it is our duty to serve as many people as we possibly can. It makes
my life so much better to think that someone life was affected so
much when our group got together to provide a small, but long lasting
service for these kids. Once we realize that we have so much to offer
that people need, it makes service a lot more fulfilling. My
interests and goals align with service because I want to have a
profession that allows for me to serve and help people. I want to be
able to have a strong and influential presence in people’s lives, and
try to make their day a little bit better. Service has helped
influence that because it provided me with a foundation for this
passion. I see my activities as forward looking as a positive outlook
on the future. Sometimes we look at what is to come and we get
overwhelmed and scared. But if we use our “forward looking” in a
positive manner and try to imagine ourselves in positive situations,
we can make a great future for ourselves. I want to change the
selfishness of the world. I want to see people caring for each other
and trying to create a better world for people to live in. I believe
that when I look back from the future on the volunteer work that I
have done, I will see people who are happier and better off. Even if
I only did something small for someone, it still will impact them and
create a better day for that person.

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