Youth Forward Scholarship Winter 2017 – Impacting the Next Generation

Name: Natalie Martinez
From: Cheyenne, Wyoming
Grade: Sophomore
School: Central High School
Votes: 0

            True contentment is found in the service of others. An area I have chosen to volunteer in is youth
ministry at the church in which I attend. The reason I chose this
area is because I want to have a positive influence on younger
students. I want be someone younger children can look up to. Also, I
want to be encouraging towards them and supportive of their
decisions. I volunteer on average about thirty hours a month for my
youth group. My responsibilities as a mentor for middle school
students are to establish personal relationships, possess adequate
listening skills, provide students with motivation to achieve their
goals, conduct weekly meetings, and help children create action
plans. The biggest challenge I have faced while being a youth mentor
has been not being able to spend a sufficient amount of time with
every student I have mentored. Although I wish to be able to mentor
every student I have come across, I haven’t had the time to meet
with each student weekly due to my dedication to my school work. I
have received satisfaction from watching the children that I have
mentored grow into compassionate, caring, and diligent human beings.
I also enjoy seeing them become more involved within my church and
with other students in their age group. Some things in which I have
learned since volunteering in this area have been ways to communicate
with different students and that not every student is the same. Some
children are more sensitive than others and I have learned different
ways to approach them and how to be patient when it comes to
developing relationships with some of the youth. My definition of
“forward looking” is how an activity will be beneficial to me in
the future and the ways that I will improve as a result. I see
volunteering as “forward looking” by it improving my skills as a
leader. It teaches me how to be in a leadership position while I’m
in college and when I have a job. It also helps me develop
relationships with others in college and in the workforce. The change
that I seek in the world by being a youth mentor is allowing every
student to reach their full potential and be confident in who they
are. Many children today don’t feel of any worth and I want every
person to know that who they are and what they do matters. If I were
to come back in the future, I believe that I will have left an impact
on my youth group. I have faith that I will return to see the
students that I once mentored who have become mentors to other
younger children. While I am deeply passionate and committed to
volunteering in this area, I have volunteered for several other areas
that include various community events and raising funds for
non-profit organizations. It brings me great joy to serve others and
to help make this world a better place.

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